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Vehicle Rental and Leasing Services in Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire




Toyota Prado Vehicle Rental Sierra Leone

High quality, reliable Toyota vehicles suited to city and off-road usage, to address your periodic, shorter-term or project-based transportation needs.

Land Cruiser rental Liberia


Full-maintenance leasing solutions for fleets of any size, with comprehensive support and maintenance packages to address your longer-term fleet requirements.

Professional vehicle maintenance for rentals in Sierra Lene, Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire

Fleet Management

Professional fleet solutions for organisations that own their vehicles, covering maintenance, breakdown response, driver management, fuel services, GPS tracking and reporting.


Some of Our Clients


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“The Land Cruiser’s air conditioning broke down. No problem: the car-hire firm sent another car. Dirty diesel from a diamond-mining town fouled its engine, and the second car broke down. Again, no problem. Flash Vehicles sent a third Toyota . . . . This gives customers peace of mind.”

Sept 8th 2012 | From the print edition

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Optimize Vehicle and Driver Management


"Our sincere thanks to Flash Vehicles; the roads may be bumpy, but our journey was smooth!"


About Flash Vehicles

Flash Vehicles is a professional provider of turn-key vehicle rentals, full-maintenance leasing and fleet management solutions to organisations operating in West Africa. The Flash team has experience operating fleets in excess of 2,700 vehicles, 1,100 drivers and modern workshop facilities throughout the region. With longstanding operating experience in Sierra Leone, Liberia and 10 other African countries, Flash provides comprehensive transportation solutions to private sector, humanitarian, non-governmental, and government organisations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Flash Vehicles shares the principled values of its investors and works to facilitate development in the communities in which it operates. It adheres to a strict “Zero Corruption” policy in all of its activities and strives to be an employer of choice. Social responsibility activities are conducted directly and through the Solon Foundation which works to deliver meaningful and sustainable social impact in education and healthcare through community collaboration.