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App and web-based on demand vehicle booking.

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Book a vehicle. On demand. It's that simple.

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Use the Flash App or Website to book a ride for now or later. Specify your pick-up and drop-off location using a place name, a pin-drop or an address. Book a single ride or book the vehicle by the hour and receive a fare estimate and ETA before you book.

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You'll be automatically assigned a uniformed Flash driver and vehicle to complete your trip. Monitor your driver's progress to your pick-up in real-time via the app, receive SMS or e-mail updates, and contact your driver at the push of a button.



At the end of your ride your app will display the amount owing. Pay your driver by cash, Orange Money, or bill the ride to an account (corporate accounts only).  

Mobility in the palm of your hand.


Book a ride with a uniformed, professional Flash Vehicles driver via a smartphone or web booking portal. Book a ride for now or later, by the trip or by the hour.


Uniformed, professional Flash drivers with background and medical screening. Well-maintained vehicles. Driver and vehicle details are sent to your phone in advance. Share your ride and driver details with a friend.


Book rides on-demand or in advance. Book a single trip or book a vehicle by the hour. Update or cancel your booking with the push of a button. 


Transparent Pricing

Receive a fare estimate before you book your ride, and a receipt after your ride. Prices set in advance by Flash, not the driver.

You're in Charge

Direct your driver on the route you want to take, or leave it to them. Need your driver to stop and wait while you run into a store? It's no problem with the "stop & wait" feature. Your driver is at your service.  

Pay with ease

Pay your driver via cash or Orange Money at the end of your trip. Rides on corporate accounts can be billed to the account. Credit card payments are coming soon! 

How it works

Frequently asked questions

When did the Flash Vehicles On Demand Service launch?

The Flash Vehicles On Demand service launched on April 1, 2019.

What are the hours of operation of the Flash Vehicles On Demand service?

PLEASE NOTE - As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, the Government of Sierra Leone has imposed curfew restrictions which may affect service hours. For up-to-date information on service availability, please check the Flash Vehicles On Demand app or web-booker. The Flash Vehicles On Demand service operates from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., seven days per week.

What areas of Freetown does the Flash Vehicles On Demand service serve?

Initially, the Flash Vehicles On Demand service will serve the central, downtown and Western areas of Freetown, including: - Aberdeen and Lumley Beach - Wilberforce and Spur Loop - The central portion of Freetown, including the Regent area - Freetown's downtown core up to (and including) the port and Jinger Hall neighbourhoods - Goderich You can see a visual representation of the Flash Vehicles On Demand initial service here. We plan to expand the service area over time based on demand and client requests.

How much will it cost to use the Flash Vehicles On Demand service?

Flash Vehicles is committed to providing you with transparent pricing when you use the Flash Vehicles On Demand service. We are also committed to reviewing pricing regularly to ensure our pricing structure meets the needs of our clients and the market. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think! For further details on the billing structure, see the terms and conditions provided with the Flash app and web booker. Overview Flash Vehicles will offer you the choice of two billing options: Point-to-Point: You will be billed for the cost of the distance between your pick-up point and your drop-off point, as calculated by the GPS distance you travel. The per kilometer rate used to calculate the cost is SLL 8,000 per kilometer + GST. The minimum fare is SLL 30,000 (inclusive of GST). If you have your driver stop and wait for you during a trip (for example, while you run into a shop), the "trip-pause wait time" will be billed at approximately SLL 2,200 per minute + GST. By the Hour: Referred to as the "As Directed" trip option in the Flash app and web-booker, the As Directed option allows you to book a vehicle for a period of time. You will be billed in 15-minute increments with a minimum of one-hour's booking. The rate is SLL 25,000 plus GST per 15 minutes (or approximately SLL 115,000 inclusive of GST per hour), for the first three hours and SLL 20,000 plus GST per 15 minutes thereafter. Fare Estimates When you book a trip, you will receive a fare estimate (provided that you specify the drop-off location or length of the As Directed booking) before you confirm your trip request. In the case of a Point-to-Point trip, the fare estimate is based on the geographic distance between your pick-up and drop-off location, as calculated by Google Maps' routing. We do caution that Google Maps' routing in Freetown can occasionally suggest impractical routes. As a passenger with Flash Vehicles On Demand, you have the right to direct your driver on the route as you see fit. In the case of an As Directed trip, your fare estimate is based on the number of hours you specify for the booking length. Any additional time you take will beyond what you specified into your booking will be billed at the 15-minute increment rate specified above. Additional Fees and Details:

  • When a vehicle arrives to pick you up at the pick-up location that you request, you will receive a notification (by SMS, e-mail or in-app notification) that the driver has arrived. You have 5 minutes to make your way to the vehicle, after which a "Pre-Trip Wait Fee" of SLL 2,200 plus GST per minute will be charged.
  • When you are on a Point-to-Point trip and you ask your driver to stop and wait for you (for example, while you run into a store to buy something) you will be billed a "Trip Pause Fee" of SLL 2,200 plus GST per minute the driver waits for you. The Trip Pause fee stops being billed once you resume your trip.
  • The minimum cost for a Point-to-Point trip is SLL 30,000 (including GST), regardless of the distance actually travelled.
  • The minimum booking length for an As-Directed booking is one hour (approximately SLL 115,000 including GST), regardless of the actual length of your As-Directed booking.
  • Initially, there will be no cancellation fees associated with a trip cancelled at any time before the driver picks you up.
  • Where the payment method selected is "Cash", the cost of the trip will be rounded-up to the nearest SLL 5,000. All point-to-point trips are rounded-up to the nearest kilometer.
Please note that Flash Vehicles reserves the right to change pricing amounts and structure at any time, without prior notice.

Will there be surge pricing or cancellation fees?

Initially, the Flash Vehicles On Demand service will not have "surge" pricing. Pricing will be fixed and will not vary by time of day. Initially, Flash Vehicles does not intend to charge cancellation fees where a trip is cancelled before it is started (i.e. when the driver arrives at your pick-up location). The above policies may change at some point in the future, but are not currently contemplated.

Will the Flash app provide an ETA for my pick-up? Is it accurate?

The Flash Vehicles app and web-booker will provide you with an approximate ETA (or "estimated time of arrival") for a driver in general and, once a driver has been assigned to your trip, for that particular driver to arrive at your pick-up location. ETA values are based on Google Maps-generated trip times between your driver's location and your pick-up location. As a result, this Google Maps-generated route may not reflect the realities of traffic conditions or the optimal route to take in Freetown. Because of this, your ETA may not be an accurate indicator of the actual amount of time it may take for your driver to arrive. However, you will be able to monitor your driver's real-time progress towards your pick-up point via the app, and you will receive a notifcation when your driver arrives. Additionally, at any point you can, with the push of a button, call your driver to ask for an ETA. Flash Vehicles, through its partners, is working with Google to help improve routing and traffic prediction in Freetown, for the benefit of all road users.

Who can use the Flash Vehicles On Demand service?

Everyone! Download the Flash App today for iOS or Android. You can also create an account via our web booker. The registration process is quick and easy!

On what devices can I use the Flash app?

The Flash Vehicles On Demand app will be available for download to both iOS and Android devices from the Apple Store and Google Play, respectively.

When I'm using the service, what happens if I have an issue?

Flash Vehicles will have a customer service representative on staff during all hours during which the Flash Vehicles On Demand service operates. If you encounter any issues with your driver, app or trip, simply call the customer service representative at the number provided in the app (+232 80 639 602), or e-mail The Flash team is here to help!

What is the Flash Vehicles On Demand Service?

Flash Vehicles On Demand is Freetown's first app-based on demand vehicle service. With the Flash Vehicles On Demand service, use our convenient app to book a trip and you'll be automatically assigned a uniformed, professional Flash driver and high quality vehicle to complete your trip. Monitor the driver's progress to your pick-up destination and contact the driver at the push of a button. Book a ride for now or later, pay by the trip or by the hour, and ride in safety and comfort!

Can I open a corporate account?

Yes, the Flash Vehicles On Demand service offers several features which are well-suited to corporate account clients, including post-paid invoices, cost centres, and access control. For more information on opening a corporate account, visit our corporate accounts page, contact your sales representative, or contact us at or +232 76 535 274.

I'm interested! How do I sign-up?

If you're an individual user, download the app (available in iOS and Android), register and you're all set! If you're interested in a Flash Vehicles On Demand corporate account, please visit our corporate accounts page or contact us at or by calling our office at +232 76 535 274 for more information.

What safety features does the Flash Vehicles On Demand Service provide?

Your safety and comfort is Flash Vehicles' priority. All Flash Vehicles drivers are uniformed, professional drivers who have completed background and medical screening and a comprehensive defensive driving training course. All Flash vehicles are robust and 4x4 capable, and undergo a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. The Flash Vehicles On Demand service provides you with Flash drivers and vehicles - the same as you would get if you were renting or leasing a vehicle from Flash. In addition to the above, the Flash Vehicles On Demand service features the following supplementary safety features:

  • The name and picture of your driver, together with vehicle identification details (make, colour, registration number) provided to you in advance of your driver arriving, as well as a notification telling you when your driver has arrived at the pick-up location.
  • The ability to live-track your driver's location and to call your driver on the phone at the push of a button.
  • The ability to share your driver details and location with a friend or family member.
  • Live monitoring by the Flash Customer Service Team, contactable by phone and e-mail during all hours of operation.
  • Driver in-app emergency button.
  • Redundant GPS tracking.
  • Access agreement for roadside emergency ambulance transport and emergency medical treatment in the event of an injury.
  • Fully insured.