Corporate Accounts

A Flash Vehicles On Demand corporate account features no minimum usage requirements and various customization features, including post-paid invoicing, password-controlled user access, booking pre-approval requirements and cost-centre/departmental sub accounts.

  • Convenience: post-paid monthly invoicing, no need to pay cash or mobile money at trip end

  • Cost: variablize vehicle use and cost, potential reduction dedicated vehicle requirements

  • Control:  different levels of access and booking control, visibility into usage, cost tracking

  • Customization: flexible account features work to address specific operational or business requirements

The Flash Vehicles On Demand service can be an excellent complement to existing short-term rental and leased vehicle capacity. In addition, a corporate account allows your organization to quickly and easily permit eligible employees and guests to bill the cost of trips to your corporate account, without having to arrange and coordinate a rental.

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team at or at +232 76 535 274 if you have any questions about how a Flash Vehicles On Demand corporate account may be of benefit to your organization!